Wire EDM

The Wire EDM process uses electric current to cut conductive materials such as hardened tool steel, graphite, and carbide, leaving a smooth surface that requires no further finishing or polishing. Our three Wire EDM machines allow us to cut virtually any contour with extreme accuracy and quality.

Sinker EDM

Our two Sinker EDM's can burn any electrically conductive material. Sinker EDM's are a good solution for machining dies and molds, or any pre-hardened material that may otherwise be hard to machine. CNC control allows us to cut with precision and accuracy as well as drill and tap holes in hardened workpieces.



Small Hole EDM (Hole Popper)

Our CNC Small Hole EDM, or hole popper machine, allows us to quickly drill holes in carbide or heat treated work pieces that are otherwise difficult to cut. Small hole EDM's are often used to compliment Wire EDM's by creating start holes for the wire to feed through.



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