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Die Making & Part Stamping

Here at Industrial Machine & Engineering we have multiple presses and can stamp up to 150 tons. We can design and build your tooling for use in your own facility, or stamp your parts in house.

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Once a design has been finalized its time to build the die. Using the CAD (Computer Aided Drawing) files from the 3D model, our machinists will program each part right off of the model and begin manufacturing the die using our CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) software. We pride ourselves on producing quality parts, that make up each die, in a timely fashion.

Custom Dies for Stamping.

The first step in die making is to create the design. Our engineers and machine specialists have the experience, expertise, and desire to work with you and design a die to stamp the parts you need. Check out some of the 3D Models of dies we have designed and built in the past.


Once the die has been finished, its time to set it up on one of our punch presses and start stamping out the finished products. We can stamp as many or as few parts as you need. Shown below are just some of the many parts that we have stamped with dies that we have designed and built.

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